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"Let Peace Come to You" 




"Mansa Sundiata-King of Kings" 


Click below to see "The Ballad of Aline Sitoe Diatta-Queen of Casamance"

Song about the West African roots and living ancestor, a Grandfather, of today's banjo.

 Click below to see information on a new book "The Akonting: Banjo Ancestor", Illustrated Poem Story of an African Legacy, by Steve Levitt

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 Click the video below to hear/see Audio/Visual version of the book

Click to see a music video about the homeland of the West African Jola Ekonting

Click below to see a musical performance of the poem-story "From Africa to Bluegrass Sound, Let the Strings of Akonting Resound" - the history of the banjo from Africa to America.
Also see a variety of songs played on the Akonting from West Africa, from the slave plantations and some originals.

Then to get more details or book a performance for your School, Church, Festival or other event
call Steve Levitt at 919-563-9527

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