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Journey to the Mountain-A Roots Tale
by Steve Levitt
   A historical fiction adventure story about the cultural roots of the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and an American folk tradition that was born there and continues to this day.
   Teaches about the influences of Europe, Africa and Native America on Southern Appalachian culture and the music and dance originating there.
   The story involves the life journeys of a young Cherokee girl, a Scot-Irish immigrant boy, an African American slave.  Their paths finally cross on a mountain in western North Carolina.  Their unexpected encounter with Johnny Basic, a mountain boy with English ancestry, results in something very surprising that changes their lives and becomes part of an American folk tradition that continues to this day.
   For more information and to order this book, please go to www.lulu.com/content/285625  the fastest growing print-on-demand book company. 
The story in this book is performed by the author in elementary schools as a performing arts educational program using music, song, folk instruments, dance and audience participation (see School Show).

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