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The following are the technicals for performance by the entire ensemble. The School Show has different requirements (see School Show).
Technical requirements for a typical performance are listed below.  Each venue will have specific requirements that may include some or all of the following and is subject to agreement between Dueling Shoes and Presenter/Venue as part of the performance agreement/contract.
Dance Surface:  We dance using metal taps on the heels and toes of our dance shoes.  The dance floor must be able to accomodate this.  We require a hardwood dance surface (such as a stage or portable dance floor) 16 ft. x 16 ft.  At times a smaller surface of 16 ft. x 12 ft. or 12 ft. x 12 ft. may be acceptable.  Ideally this will be a sprung floor.  The dance surface must be in good condition.  All seams must be flush.  Dancers will not dance on concrete, tile or otherwise inflexible, hazardous, hard, or slippery surfaces in order to avoid injury and to provide the proper sound quality.  The dance surface shall be cleaned and devoid of nails or other objects that can cause injury.  Dancer's feet must be visible to the entire audience, without obstruction. 
Note:  Dueling Shoes can supply a portable dance floor for an additional fee. 

Sound Equipment:  The sound system (including power mixer/amp, speakers, monitors, mics) must be adequate for the particular venue and able to accomodate acoustic instruments, vocals and percussive step dancing.  The performers (musicians and dancers) and audience must be able to hear both the music and the dancing.

  • 12 channel (minimum) power mixer/amp with equalizers and phantom power 
  • 5 instrument mics on boom stands
  • 2 vocal mics on stands
  • 2 mics on low stands for dance floor
  • 2 direct line inputs for 2 wireless lavalier receivers
  • 2 monitors
  • 2 speakers (minimum) 
  • all necessary cables and hookups

Note:  Dueling Shoes can supply the equipment and sound technician for an additional fee.

Note:  At times, a CD player and/or slide projector may be required.

Performance Space:  There must be adequate lighting, heating and cooling in indoor venues.  For indoor venues, Dueling Shoes must have unimpeded access to the performance space not less than 2 hours prior to showtime.  Audience will be not be allowed to enter the indoor performance area until 30 minutes before showtime.

Dressing Rooms:  A secure, properly heated and lighted dressing room with mirrors, clothes racks, tables, and appropriately located for costume changes during a performance.  Access to restrooms.  Bottled water and towels for 10 people.  Secure instrument, costume and personal items storage space.

Crew:  As agreed on by Dueling Shoes and Presenter/Venue, a crew consisting of 1 or more of the following:  sound person, lighting board operator and stage hand.  All required crew must be present during the sound/lighting check which will occur several hours prior to showtime as will be prearranged.  

Parking:  Adequate parking for Dueling Shoes company.  

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